Membership Spotlight – Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance

Membership Spotlight highlights the work of our member organisations and outline how other individuals and NGOs can support them. Below we shine the light on Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA). They are focusing on Independent Advocacy Awareness Week which is from Monday 24th April 2023 to Friday 28th April 2023. They have programmes available online for people to sign up to! Don’t miss out!

The SIAA is the national intermediary organisation supporting, promoting, and advocating independent advocacy across Scotland.

Independent Advocacy Awareness Week (April 24 – 28)

The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA) is launching their first ‘Independent Advocacy Awareness Week’ that aims to promote independent advocacy in Scotland and highlight the difference it makes in people’s lives.

Organised by the SIAA membership, the campaign will take place from Monday 24 April to Friday 28 April 2023 to raise awareness of what independent advocacy is, highlight the work of their members across Scotland and share powerful stories.

The online sessions will cover the definition of independent advocacy, independent advocacy organisations’ work, case studies by advocacy partners and the relationship between independent advocacy and human rights.

SIAA is delighted to invite everyone to join these webinar sessions, where their members will talk about the work they do to support people having the right to a voice. Please use the links below to sign up.

What is Independent Advocacy?

Independent advocacy is about speaking up for, and standing alongside individuals or groups, and not being influenced by the views of others. Fundamentally it is about everyone having the right to a voice: addressing barriers and imbalances of power, and ensuring that an individual’s human rights are recognised, respected, and secured.

–  Independent advocates are human rights defenders

–  Independent advocacy is about addressing an imbalance of power

– Independent advocacy speaks up for rights-holders at the decision-making table

Would you like to get involved?

Below are the following links to our programmes which people can sign-up to.


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