Membership Spotlight – People Know How

Membership Spotlight highlights the work of our member organisations and outline how other individuals and NGOs can support them. Below we shine a warm welcoming light on one of our newest members – People Know How.

Who are we?

People Know How is a Scottish social innovation charity with a passion for solving social issues. Based in Edinburgh and the Lothians, we work with people and communities to develop innovative strategies and services to address social issues both locally and nationally.

One of our core services, Positive Transitions, supports children, young people and their families in the transition from primary and secondary school across Edinburgh and the Lothians. The service is designed to support them to feel valued and understood, improve their self-esteem and peer relationships, and enable them to fulfil their potential.

Work in the local community

Our Positive Transitions service spans across a wide range of interventions that offer support both on a one-to-one basis and through group projects. We provide holistic support and youth work that aims to support not just children and young people, but also their parents, carers and families. We do this by working directly with schools, teachers, families and other agencies to identify and offer the most suitable and appropriate support, as well as collaborating with social work and arts therapies programmes in universities across Scotland.

Work on a national scale

We’ve learnt a lot from listening to and supporting children, young people and families in this way since 2014 and aim to share this learning through collaboration. This is why we partnered with the University of Edinburgh on a multi-disciplinary participatory action-research project on positive school transitions.

Using our learning from delivering Positive Transitions, the project evaluates and reflects on what makes a positive transition, with the aim of creating a model of practice that can influence and improve pupil transitions into secondary school across the country. Findings will also enhance theories on school transition, and explore intersecting issues such as class, ethnicity, gender, culture and disability, to ensure any practice model meets the needs of all children and their families.

Recent news

We’re always publishing case studies and stories from our work. Some recent stories include:

Join Team People Know How in the Kiltwalk

People Know How is taking part in the Kiltwalk in Edinburgh. Join our team on 17 September and walk to raise money to support our services. The Kiltwalk has something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned marathon-goer, a casual dog-walker, or a family with children looking for a great day out!

Sign up and read more:

Read our latest Press Release: 

How biodiverse is your park?

Young people supported by our Positive Transitions service became citizen scientists for a day to investigate and map biodiversity in their local park.

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Partnering with the University of Edinburgh

People Know How has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Edinburgh in a new phase of cross-sectoral collaboration between the two organisations – with many projects supporting children, young people and families in the mix.

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Crafting confidence

Our volunteer Theresa supported young person Miley to find confidence and develop new skills through arts and crafts.

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Supporting families across our services

We supported one family across both our core services, helping Theresa with her digital skills, and her grandson Danny in his transition to secondary school.

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Collaborate with us and find out more about Positive Transitions at:

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