Exposing violence against children in the UK. UNCRC Review Countdown Series – 5 days to go

In just 5 days, a group of people at the United Nations will check if the UK is doing a good job of looking after children. Together is writing a blog every day to talk about things we want them to talk about. Today we’re talking about ways to stop and help children who are being hurt.

Violence against children in the UK is a very important topic that we hope will be talked about at the meeting. This means when someone hurts a child or makes them feel scared or unsafe. The United Nations has told the UK government they need to do more to stop this from happening. They suggested things like not using tasers, making sure kids are not punished physically by their parents, and protecting them from abuse and neglect.

Together has looked at how well the UK is doing on these suggestions. But we found that there are still a lot of problems. For example, some children are still being hurt by tasers, and not enough is being done to stop it. Also, sometimes teachers or other adults who are supposed to take care of children use force to control them, and this can be dangerous for the child’s health and safety. There needs to be better rules to make sure children are always safe.

Children and young people have also been talking about what they want. They want to be treated fairly and not be bullied because of their gender. They want adults to do more to stop this from happening.

Some people and organisations who work with children are worried that there are not enough people to help children who have been hurt. They want more people to be trained to help children who need it and for the UK Government to make sure that all children are safe from harm all the time, in schools and outside school.

Together hopes that the UN Committee will tell the UK government to do more to protect children from harm.

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Stay tuned for our next article on family environment and alternative care coming out at 08:00am tomorrow!

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